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Use the Training form to indicate what proportion of the staff received each type of training in the last twenty-four months.  Complete the form by making a choice from the drop down menu (“all (100%),” “many (50% or more),” “some (less than 50%),” or “none”).

Each inquiry in the form must be answered before the form can be submitted.   If staff has not received “Other” types of training, please type “none” in the text box and select “none” from the drop down menus for this row.


            Do not paste this form into the proposal narrative.


To save the data, click Save.
To save and go to the next page, click Save and Continue.


Follow the steps below for assistance on this form:


Submit inquiries pertaining to technical issues, using the website application, and uploading files to
Submit all other inquiries regarding this form or the grants process to the LSC Competition Service Desk at
Contact Reginald Haley at if you do not receive a response from either service desk within 48 hours.

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