Technology Budget (Form D-15)

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Form D-15 captures projected LSC and non-LSC expenses for carrying out Applicant’s Technology Plan.

All applicants must complete Form D-15
Enter budgeted expense amounts l in the fields below
Enter whole numbers without punctuation such as decimal points or dollar signs
To save the data and see the totals, click Save and Calculate
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At a minimum Form D-15 should indicate a planned budget for:

software and hardware acquisition costs (i.e. Equipment (Purchase), Equipment (Rental) and Software)
software and hardware maintenance costs (i.e. Contracts)
IT staffing costs (i.e. Program IT Staffing Costs and External IT Staffing Costs)
staff training costs (i.e. Training for IT Staff and Technology Training for other Staff)


Follow the steps below for assistance on this form:

Submit inquiries pertaining to technical issues, using the website application, and uploading files to
Submit all other inquiries regarding this form or the grants process to the LSC Competition Service Desk at
Contact Reginald Haley at if you do not receive a response from either service desk within 48 hours