Projected Expenditures by Type of Activity (Form G-12)  (All Applicants)

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The Projected Expenditures by Type of Activity (Form G-12) page captures projected grant year expenditures for Cases, Other Services (previously referred to as Matters), and Supporting Activities.


All applicants must complete Projected Expenditures by Type of Activity (Form G-12).
Enter whole numbers without punctuation such as decimal points or dollar signs.
To save the data, click Save and Calculate.
To continue to the next page, click Continue.
Calculate total projected expenses for the grant year based on the most current data available. Do not include expenses related to donated services (e.g., volunteer attorney time, donated office equipment).
Total expenditures on this form should equal "Total LSC expenditures" reported on Form D-12.
Applicants applying for more than one LSC service area must complete separate forms for each service area.
Limit projected expenses to those incurred in delivering civil legal assistance to eligible clients as determined by 45 C.F.R. Part 1611.
Percentages in column II of Form G-12 are automatically calculated based on the projected 2011 expenditures entered in Column I.
Click here for definitions before completing this page.


Instructions for completing Section A:


Report projected current year LSC expenditures for Cases, Other Services, and Supporting Activities. Note: The total of all expenditures entered in Section A must equal the total LSC expenditures reported in Form D-12.


Instructions for completing Section B:


Report projected current year LSC expenditures by case type. Note: The total for case expenditures, by case type in Section B must equal the amount for cases entered in Section A.


Refer to the definitions at the end of this instruction before completing Form G-12.


Follow the steps below for assistance on this form:


1.Submit inquiries pertaining to technical issues, using the website application, and uploading files to
2.Submit all other inquiries regarding this form or the grants process to the LSC Competition Service Desk at
3.Contact Reginald Haley at if you do not receive a response from either service desk within 48 hours.


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