Notice of Intent to Compete (NIC) Instructions (All Applicants)

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In order to submit a Grant Application, an Applicant must first submit a Notice of Intent to Compete (NIC) to LSC. LSC requires Applicants to submit the NIC using this website. Form H requires electronic submission of the following information:


  1. The service area(s) applied for;

  2. The names and resume information of the principals and key staff; and

  3. The names and resume information of current or proposed governing or policy body members and their appointing organizations.


Applicants that are unable to use this website due to extraordinary circumstances beyond their control must contact LSC at prior to the deadline for submitting the NIC. The Corporation may agree to extend the date for submission of the NIC in the event of extraordinary circumstances.


Note: LSC will hold an Applicants’ Informational Session (AIS). This is a free webinar conference sponsored by LSC to assist Applicants in preparing the competitive grant application and to promote participation in the competitive grants process. See details about the conference at, "LSC Grants Announcements and Updates."


Contact the LSC service desk at if you have any questions regarding this notice.