Intake System Technology Definitions

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  1. Automated attendant: A telephone system feature that automatically answers incoming calls using a computer program instead of a live person. This feature may offer options to the caller, or connect the call to voice mail.

  2. Automatic call distribution: A software application that delivers calls on a first come, first served basis. Calls are held and transferred automatically to the first available staff person assigned to those calls.

  3. Interactive voice response: A system feature requiring a response from the caller, often using specifically designed recordings within the phone system.

  4. Phone system: The computer software and/or equipment used to handle telephone calls.

  5. Self-direct: When a caller, whose call is answered by an automated attendant, can decide where their call will be answered or handled. Examples include choosing to go to a voice mailbox or selecting a staff persons extension.

  6. Self-select: An ACD feature allowing callers to choose between options of pre-recorded messages.

  7. Telephony integration: Telephony is the technology that electronically transmits voice, fax, email and other communications between two or more parties, integrating telephone and computer capabilities. Also referred to as Voice Over IP.