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The LSC Grants Home page allows an applicant to either create a Notice of Intent to Compete (NIC) application or view existing NIC and Grant applications.


Before beginning a NIC, confirm that the service area you would like to apply for is in competition. See Service Areas in Competition (available from LSC Grants Announcements and Updates.)


To prepare a NIC requires Applicants to log in to LSC Grants. Current grantees use the email address currently on file and existing password; new Applicants must complete a brief registration process (from the LSC Grant homepage), which requires an email address and other contact information.


Once logged in, from the home page, scroll down to the heading "Service Areas in Competition for LSC Grants" and click the link to create a new NIC


Please note that not all service areas will appear in the drop-down menu; only service areas in competition will appear


To view and edit the NIC and grant application(s) click the links listed under Tasks in the To Do - Application section.
Applicants who apply for more than one service area should complete a separate NIC for each service area.
To create a new NIC based on an existing one, click Copy to the right of the NIC task in the To Do - Application section.
To copy information from one grant application to another, click Copy to the right of the grant application task in the To Do - Application section.
To view or print the information entered in the application, click View PDF to the right of the NIC or grant application task in the To Do - Application section. This will create a Adobe Acrobat PDF file which Applicants can view, print or save.
To print a particular form, click the printer icon which appears at the right side of the blue title bar at the top of each page. A pop-up window will appear that displays the contents of the form without the left-hand navigation bar.
To change your password, click Change Password in the left-hand navigation bar.


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