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Cases are defined as the provision of permissible legal assistance to an eligible client with a legal problem, or set of closely related legal problems, accepted for assistance in accordance with the requirements of the LSC Act, regulations, and other applicable law.
Other Services (previously referred to as Matters) are actions that contribute to the overall delivery of services that do not involve direct legal advice to, or legal representation of, one or more specific clients. Examples include: special project meetings about legal services to the community; community education events; pro se clinics; providing information about the availability of legal assistance; developing informational materials; training; continuing legal education; general supervision of applicant services; the preparation and dissemination of desk manuals; PAI recruitment; and other direct or indirect applicant services that are not actions taken in cases.
Supporting Activities are actions that are administrative in nature and are not cases or matters. Such actions include fundraising and actions classified as "management and general" for accounting purposes. Examples of supporting activities include: fundraising; board meetings; staff breaks; general staff meeting; researching timekeeping systems; and staff evaluations.
Consumer Finance includes, but is not limited to, bankruptcy, debt relief, collection, contracts, warranties, credit access, energy, loans, public utilities, and unfair sales practices.
Education includes, but is not limited to, special education, suspension, and expulsion.
Employment includes, but is not limited to, job discrimination and wage claims.
Family includes, but is not limited to, adoption, custody, visitation, divorce, separation, guardianship, name change, parental rights termination, paternity, spouse abuse, and support.
Juvenile includes, but is not limited to delinquency, neglect and abuse.
Health includes, but is not limited to, Medicaid and Medicare.
Housing includes, but is not limited to, federally subsidized housing, other public housing, home ownership, real property, and landlord/tenant.
Income Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, AFDC, welfare, black lung, food stamps, Social Security, SSI, unemployment compensation, veteran's benefits, and worker's compensation.
Individual Rights includes, but is not limited to, immigration, naturalization, mental health, prisoner's rights, and the rights of the disabled.
Miscellaneous includes, but is not limited to, incorporation, dissolution, Native American tribal law, licenses (auto and others), torts, wills and estates.