Current Year Expenses (Form D-2)

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This Current Expenses (D-2) page captures projected non-LSC expenses for the current year.


All applicants who are not current recipients of LSC funds must complete Current Expenses (D-2).
Enter your budget detail in the fields below.
To save the data and see the totals, click Save and Calculate.
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Calculate total projected expenses for the current year based on the most current data available.
Do not include expenses related to donated services (e.g., volunteer attorney time, donated office equipment).
Complete this form based on applicant's best estimate of expenses that will be incurred in providing services to low-income clients.
Report total projected expenses for the current year from the following sources of non-LSC funding:

Title XX of the Social Security Act, Older Americans Act, Violence Against Women, Other Federal Grants, Community Development Block Grants, State Grants, Local Grants, United Way Grants, Foundation Grants, Bar Association Grants, IOLTA, Attorney Fee Awards, Carryover Funds, Publication Income, and Other Non-LSC funds

Law firms and governmental entity applicants should include expenses incurred against public or private grants or contracts to serve low-income clients.
Click here to view Expense Definitions.


Follow the steps below for assistance on this form:


1.Submit inquiries pertaining to technical issues, using the website application, and uploading files to
2.Submit all other inquiries regarding this form or the grants process to the LSC Competition Service Desk at
3.Contact Reginald Haley at if you do not receive a response from either service desk within 48 hours.


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