Actual Staffing Information (Form E-1)

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The Actual Staffing Information (Form E-1) page captures current year actual data on applicant full-time and part-time staffing and volunteers.


All applicants who are not current recipients of LSC funds must complete Actual Staffing Information (Form E-1).
Prepare Actual Staffing Information (Form E-1) based on positions that are filled at the time the form is completed.
Use whole numbers without decimal points when entering data.
Enter your information in the fields below.
To save the data, click Save.
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Follow the steps below for assistance on this form:


1.Submit inquiries pertaining to technical issues, using the website application, and uploading files to
2.Submit all other inquiries regarding this form or the grants process to the LSC Competition Service Desk at
3.Contact Reginald Haley at if you do not receive a response from either service desk within 48 hours.


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